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Finally launched, Now you can download Vikendi Map

Finally launched, Now you can download Vikendi Map

Vikendi Map is available to download in PUBG Mobile.Now you can download the Vikendi Map in pubg mobile.the Vikendi Map is 134.2 MB in size. It was available a day ago, it is 6x6km map.

The Vikendi Map is now playable in Android and iOS devices. It is the fourth map after Miramar, Erangel, and Sanhok. Vikendi is in its beta version. Before downloading the map, you have to download the 0.10.0 update, which is 2.1 GB for ios and 1.6GB for android in size.

This map is 6x6km which is shorter than Erangel and Miramar 8x8, and larger than Sanhok which is 4x4km. This map is full of snow and mountains. There is a dino park, a castle, and a monstrous cosmodrome finished with a rocket and a command center with satellites and towers.

They also added fixes for frame drop and graphics improvement in the update. They added the snow theme also in the game. Players now report unusual behavior while spectating after death. Cross server match-making also added.

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