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Best 5 Android Gaming Phones under Rs 20k for Pubg Mobile

Here are the 5 Best Android Gaming Phones to play PUBG Mobile under 20000 rupees. Gaming phones which can play PUBG Mobile easily and other High-end Graphic Games. Let's See Top 5 Gaming Mobiles.

Best 5 Android Gaming Phones under Rs 20k

Pubg mobile is the most famous mobile game ever, it breaks most of the records, it broke the record of 10 million daily active players. it has over 100 millions of downloads on play store.people are getting addicted to this game everyone wants to play but this is the high-end graphics game and it requires a good processing power to run in this post we will tell you 5 best phones under 20000 rupees to play PUBG Mobile. these smartphones are based on their benchmark performances.there are some companies which make processors like snapdragon, MediaTek, Samsung and Huawei but I prefer snapdragon processors because they are very nice performer and also power efficient but it's my own thinking even MediaTek is also started making good processors especially P60 and P70 let me speechless in the terms of power. let me tell you my experience about Mediatek P60. I never played on the device which has P60 processors but I am also a PUBG Mobile addicted person and I play PUBG Mobile too much and I play on one plus 6 which comes with Snapdragon's best performing chipset Snapdragon 845 SoC, I play with my friend who got P60 powered phone and while  playing with him I notice his game loads so fast as mine after matchmaking and I'm so impressed with P60 is the list of best smartphones under 20000 rupees for smooth gameplay of PUBG Mobile.


Best 5 Android Gaming Phones

It is the best smartphone to play PUBG Mobile mobile under 20000 rupees even it the best gaming phone at this cheap price. Poco F1 is coming with snapSnapdrag latest chipset Snapdragon 845 SoC coupled with 6gb of Ram and 4000mah of huge battery, It has 6.18 inches Full hd+ display and it comes with liquid cooling for best gaming performance,it also has IR front camera to unlock your device which will work in absence of light,also the primary cameras are also very good but I'm here to tell you the gaming performance only so it is the best smartphone to play any game under this price tag, if you want to spend 20000 rupees for a smartphone and you are gaming addicted person you should go with this, it is highly recommended phone for people who want to spend 20000 rupees.


Best 5 Android Gaming Phones

Honor play is also a gaming beast at the price of 16999 rupees. The smartphone is powered by Kirin 970 AI Flagship Octa-Core Processor which is coupled with 4GB of ram and it has 3750mAH Lithium Polymer battery. it comes with 6.3 inches full HD display, the smartphone is very good for gaming if you want to spend 17000 rupees it is a wise choice for you.

3:  REALME U1 

Best 5 Android Gaming Phones

This smartphone is my favorite smartphone because it comes with the price tag of 14,499 rupees only and it is a cheap and very decent performer. Realme u1 is powered by Mediatek Helio P70 which is the stable version of P60, the performance of P60 and P70 is quite similar but P70 is fully optimized and it will give you decent performance for comes with 6.3 inches full hd+ waterdrop display along with 3500mAh battery capacity. In the terms of camera, it is also a beast with 25MP Selfie camera.


Best 5 Android Gaming Phones

This smartphone is also very good for gaming I set this smartphone on number 4 because of its battery size, it wears a huge battery of 5000mAh which will give you the endless experience of gaming. the phone is quite similar to Realme 2 pro as per specification but the battery capacity is awesome you can play games whole day with one full charge you don't need to charge this phone again and again. It is very good for gaming because it is powered by Snapdragon's mid-range processor snapdragon 660 with AIE. it has 2 variants 4GB Ram and 6GB Ram. I recommend you to choose this over Realme 2 pro.


Best 5 Android Gaming Phones

This smartphone is also one of the best performing smartphones for gaming as it is powered with Snapdragon's mid-range processor Snapdragon 660. personally, I love snapdragon's processors. The smartphone has 4,6 and 8GB ram variants it's your choice which one you want and how much you want to spend but trust me this smartphone will give you a smooth gaming experience and decent battery life. I personally recommend you to buy 6GB variant which is enough for the gaming.

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