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Google Play Store has a new Anti-Spam system

Google Play Store has a new Anti-Spam system

Google Play Store has a new anti Spam system.
New Anti Spam system of Google play Store remove the fake reviews with low-quality apps. The new system of Google Play Store detects the unethical apps practices and removes them.
 The Google Play Store new system of anti-spam remove all fake reviews on Play Store.

The system of play Store new anti Spam clean up the zero quality apps needs fake reviews. This new anti Spam system of play Store has a new learning machine to understand genuine or fake reviews. It is also said that it also recognizes the bad language or spread hate, it detects them and takes appropriate action on it.

In Google developer blog it is also said that in 2019 the Google Play trust and safety team launch a system that combines human intelligence with machine learning to find out the policy violation in rating and reviews. Engineer team of Google closely monitor the activities of these. They also ensure the quality of apps and reviews structure.

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The developers of apps try to fake reviews for good rating. They force to for 5-star rating or good review. The app's developers sometimes fish for spam reviews and apps, the new Anti Spam system keep a look out on this also.

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