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Metro Exodus will release in 2019, Release date here

Metro Exodus will release in 2019 - FBARA

Metro Exodus is another game based on ray tracing technology after battlefield V. This game first-person game developed by 4A Games and Deep Silver publish it. The released date announced by them. This game will be released on 22 Feb 2019.

 Metro Exodus will be for PS4, Xbox and also PC. The developer 4A is also confirmed for Gold Edition. In the Gold, you will get the game and Metro Exodus Expansion pass.

The Price for Metro Exodus game around $60 and 4200 Indian Rupee. 

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Pre-order Bonuses with Gold Edition you will get Digital Code for Metro 2033 Redux on Xbox One on Xbox One, Two dynamic PS4 dashboard themes, and Metro Exodus OST on PS4 and Digital artbook and Metro Exodus OST on PC.

Metro Exodus Aurora Limited Edition will also be released.
No release date, price, and editions announced for India outside of Microsoft store, PS store and Steam. There is huge fan following of Metro Exodus in India also. Maybe announced date release soon.

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