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Next NVIDIA Card I NVIDIA 20 Series I NVIDIA Geforce

NVIDIA next GPU RTX 2060, the NVIDIA 20 Series of NVIDIA Geforce may be release January  2019. Next NVIDIA card of NVIDIA Geforce will be RTX 2060.

Next NVIDIA Card I NVIDIA 20 Series I NVIDIA Geforce

NVIDIA Geforce ready to release their next NVIDIA Card, RTX 2060. It is said that RTX 2060 will be cheaper than GTX 1070 and have much better performance than GTX 1070. And the main thing is that it supports RTX the ray-tracing as well.
The cost of RTX 2060 may be around 300-400 dollars. It is said that the launch date for NVIDIA next GPU will announce in CES [ Consumer Electronics Show], which held on 9 January 2019. 

We know NVIDIA Geforce x60 series in gamer's budget and also brilliant gaming performance. AMD has a budget gaming market, because of their graphics cards less expensive than NVIDIA Geforce and give much better performance in mid-range. Average gamers find mid-range Graphics cards that are actually affordable.

The given chart shows that some CUDA cores have been stripped but the video ram is so much fast. RTX 2060 has a 192-bit bus, which provides bandwidth up to 336 GB/s. 

The graphics score of RTX 2060 is better than GTX 2070 and even better than RTX 2070 Ti. It is also said that the RTX 2060 will have the same board like RTX 2070 have.

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