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PUBG breaks the record of 200 Million downloads, PUBG Mobile

PUBG breaks the record of 200 Million downloads - FBARA

PUBG crossed 200 Million downloads and 30 Million active users
Tencent said that exclude China, the game is very popular over the world. The huge fan base in India also in it. After releasing for Android, it's popularity increased a lot.

Fortnite is also very popular in battle royal games but PUBG outstrips Fortnite. PUBG Mobile lags behind Fortnite in iOS devices also. PUBG mobile creates 30 percent revenue for PUBG.
PUBG also adding actively new features to the game and on the other hand, Fortnite is not fully optimized for Android and iOS as well.
Many people use Android devices as their main devices which also increase the popularity of this epic game. The 200 million downloads after the excluding China, which is a very huge number of downloads.  New updates also coming for PUBG, So please stay connected with us.

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