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Chinese players can fight with monsters in PUBG mobile new update

PUBG is rolling out a new update in china in which Chinese players can fight with monsters in arcade mode, this mode is already available in a beta version and the official update will come on Chinese New year on 5 February. in this version of game first of all you have to fight with monsters to take loot. this version is only for china and it will be called as 0.13.0 version of the game, along with the Monsters hunting you can also get some new features in the game like death cam replay and new weapon scorpion which is automatic pistol.
Outside of the china, player can't hunt monsters but the zombie mode is about to come for them, according to the leaks the new version of the PUBG mobile is about to come in which you can get some new things like Tuksai (auto rickshaw), a snow bike, some new weapons like MK 47 Mutant, G36c, new weather mode in Vikendi snow map and many more. this update will be available on app store and play store on 18-20 January.

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