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PUBG mobile 0.10.5 update With New weapons and season 5 is releasing today

PUBG mobile Season 5 is here with Some new weapons and more interesting things. PUBG mobile is rolling out new update 0.10.5 Today.
Read this post if you want to know all the changes in this update.

As we know PUBG mobile season 4 was ended yesterday and new season is on the way with new weapons, skins and many more interesting things.

PUBG mobile has tweeted all the changes on their official PUBG mobile twitter account, here are all the changes that you will see in PUBG mobile 0.10.5 update.


Added MK47 assulat rifle- MK47 assulat rifle can be found in all the maps except Vikendi snow map and it have two firing modes single and 2 round is powerful weapon as it uses 7.62mm bullets.

Added laser sight-The laser sight is a lower rail attachment that reduces the bullet deviation that occurs during hip-fire.

Vikendi map is now available for custom rooms.

The Classic Voice is back in PUBG mobile.

vikendi loot has been tuned it means we will find different type of loot in vikendi than before. as we knew vikendi is a home of SMG'S and SHOTGUNS mabye the quantity and the type of the loot has been changed.

The shop has been adjusted.

The new update brings new avatar and new hairstyle in PUBG mobile.



New Loading screen

PUBG MOBILE 0.10.5 update Releasing time

PUBG mobile 0.10.5 update has been rolling out slowly some player has already got it  and others are waiting, but according to PUBG mobile everyone will get the update before 16:00(UTC+8).

Season 5 and new season Royale pass will be available at UTC 2:00 AM January 19th 2019.

There are no words for the Zombie mode on the PUBG official Twitter account .

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