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Samsung Galaxy S10 Launch Soon

Samsung Galaxy S10 Launch Early

Samsung Galaxy S10 Launch Soon

The new flagship Samsung Galaxy S10 is coming soon. As per information, Samsung Galaxy S10 coming with faster LPDDR5 ram. Fingerprint sensors will on-screen display on the above-end side.
The 5G variant of Samsung may be seen soon. Samsung officially announced the first LPDDR5 ram of smartphones last year. 


 Rumors and leaks said that Samsung Galaxy S10E and Samsung Galaxy Lite may be the variant of the phone. It will come with 4GB ram and 128GB inbuilt storage. Regular version comes with 6GB ram and 256GB storage. The larger S10+ may come with 8GB ram and 512GB Storage.
This flagship may come with 5G smartphones. Samsung may launch the 5G enabled smartphone.

Samsung Galaxy S10 Launch Soon


S10 comes with ultra wide 123 degrees 16MP camera field view with aperture f1.9. The main camera comes with 12MP with 78-degrees field view range from f1.5 to f2.4.  Galaxy S10+ will also have OIS and autofocus mechanism. The new leak points to a Bright Night mode and a portrait lighting effect, which is specified in the code as a ‘Stage Lighting'.

Samsung will also be going to launch their foldable smartphone. You will able to see foldable smartphone soon in the market.

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