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GTA 6 Launching Soon: Coming with VR Support

GTA 6 is Launching Soon with VR Support

We all love GTA series GRAND THEFT AUTO and waiting for next GTA 6. Last Series of GTA is a big hit. It is the most popular game in all the platforms.
It is the most popular game in open world games. The best part of the next release is the immense map. The next map of GTA 6 is really big and also come with VR support. The next edition GTA 6 is expected to have some great features, and it will surely bring some new interesting gameplay.

Immense Map of GTA 6

it has not been finalized yet, we would try to tell you all about GTA 6 release date, GTA 6 map and a lot more.
Some say that this time some part of GTA 6 map is out of US. The game could be set up in London, UK. But this is not for positive as Rockstar Games deem that GTA is not perfect for telling a UK storyline.

VR Support in GTA 6

It is very excited that this time it comes with VR support. An open world game with VR support. Is'nt that excited. It is also said that this game is coming with PS5. Maybe Rockstar games release GTA 6 with Play Station 5.

The developers say that it wouldn’t be launched in the security of the current US President(we don’t know much about that!!) and so you can expect the launch after 2020. 

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